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TableFile class: (Inheritance: Object)

Class for Cheat Engine Table Files (CE Form->Menu->Table)

Table files can be added from the Cheat Engine form.

  • CE Form->Menu->Table->Add file


[edit] Creation

findTableFile(fileName) : TableFile
Returns the TableFile class object for the saved file
createTableFile(fileName, filePath OPTIONAL) : TableFile
Returns a newly added table file.
If no file path is specified, it will create a blank file. Otherwise, it will read the contents from disk.

[edit] Properties

Name : string
The table file's name.
Stream : MemoryStream
The table file's underlying MemoryStream object.

[edit] Methods

Saves the TableFile to the given file path.
getData() : MemoryStream
Returns the table file's underlying MemoryStream object.

[edit] Examples

local fileStr = nil
local tableFile = findTableFile('PlayerBaseHook.CEA')
if tableFile ~= nil then
  local stringStream = createStringStream()
  stringStream.Position = 0 -- if not set before using 'copyFrom' the 'StringStream' object will be inconsistent.
  stringStream.copyFrom(tableFile.Stream, tableFile.Stream.Size)
  fileStr = stringStream.DataString

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