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[edit] File

Add scan tab
Add a new scan tab where you can start a new search which is independent from other searches in the other tabs.
Clear list
Clears the address list.
Saves the current cheat table (.CT) to a location of your choice.
Loads a previously saved cheat table (.CT) into cheat engine.
Save current scanresults
Save the current scan results in the selected tab. You can compare a value to the saved scan results when you are making an unknown value scan (similarly as comparing to fist scan results).

Close Cheat Engine

[edit] Edit

Opens the cheat engine configuration window.

[edit] Table

Show Cheat Table lua script
Brings up the lua script associated with the current table.
Create Form
Creates a new form (a window) that you can design. You can also load an existing form if you like <Formnames> A list of forms that you can show or edit.
Add File(s)
This lets you add binary files to your cheat table. You can access these files using lua fileTable objects.

[edit] Process

Open Process window
Opens the process list window. Just the same as using the Process Picker icon.
Create Process
Opens a windows explorer view, where you can specify a process to load (.EXE file).

From this menu you can also simply pick an enumerated process to load.

[edit] Tools

You can access to the tools that you have specified in the settings. This option is not visible if there are no specified tools.

[edit] Help

Cheat Engine Help
Launches this help file.
Shows CE's about box, containing credits and links.

[edit] Links

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