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The select window process (or sometimes known as 'Process Picker') can be accessed by clicking on the computer icon on the top left side of the main window.

This window holds a list of all the processes currently running. Double click on a entry and cheat engine will open this process for scanning (a process is a program or game running in windows).

If you click on the window button at the bottom you'll get to see all the windows, and the processes that own them, so if you don't know the process name you can use the window to find the process.

The process window also has the ability to attach the debugger the a running process, or to create a new process. The option to create a process will create the process, attach the debugger to it and break the process at the Entry Point for manual debugging. The create process option is compatible with the windows debugger only.

If you have enabled the option to use the processwatcher in settings->extra you will have an option in the process window saying "Process watcher". Clicking that will open the process watcher window. It'll show you which processes have been created since the start of CE.

Open file will open a file for hex-editing

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