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This option is a fine tool to examine or compare data in similar memory regions or structures. It can be used if you wish to compare your charachter's structure with the enemy's structure in an FPS or strategy game, but of course it can be used for other purposes too.

File->New window: This option will open a new dissect window.

File->Import: Import a structure.

File->Export: Export a structure.

File->Save values: Save the content of the window in a file.

File->Add extra address: Add a slot for an extra address for comparing.

View->Change colors: Customize the colors of this tool.

View->Update interval: Customize the value update interval.

Structures: Create a new structure with Define new structure, then give a name and a size for the structure. If you have more than one structure, you can choose the one that you need from here.

Commands: Rename and Delete structure will rename and delete the currently used structure. Automatically guess offset types will allow CE to guess the type of values in the structure.

If you have added one or more addresses to the window, you can right-click on an address and sort them into groups. This is very useful because you can compare the values in every structure and also see if the values are the same in the same group, or they are different inside the group too (e.g. you can add 2 enemy unit and 2 friendly unit in an RTS game and place the enemies in a different group, thus you will see what is common between friendly units and what is common between enemy units)

If you right-click on an entry in the window, some additional options will be available, such as Memory browse this address, Memory browse this pointer and Add to address list.

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