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You can open the pointer scanner with Memory View->Tools->Pointer scan, or by right-clicking on an address in the address list and choose "Pointer scan for this address".

If you use the first method, you can use File->Open to open a saved pointer list or you can use the Pointer scanner->Scan for pointer option. If you start a pointer scan, a new window will appear where you can customize the parameters of the scan.

At the top of the window, you can choose to find pointer for an address or for a value. Searching for an address is much faster, so this is the default method. Below that, you can set the parameters of the scan. Usually you don't need to change the upper part at all, especially if you have no idea what it does.

At the bottom part of the window, there are other options that you may need to change sometimes. The number of scanning threads is working fine with single and dual core processors but you may increase it if you have a better CPU. The maximum offset value should be changed only if you suspect that any of the offsets will be larger than 2048 bytes (e.g. an offset like eax+1F48 or similar, which is not so common for most of the values that cheaters are looking for). The max level of the pointer path is 5 by default, but some programs are using even longer pointer paths, so if you didn't find what you were looking for, probably you need to increase the max level.

If you have typed in the address, checked the options and clicked on ok, you will have to choose a name for the pointer list that will be created. Then wait for the scan to finish the job.

If the scanning is done, you will get a huge list of possible pointer paths, but not all of them will work for you if the address will be changed. For now, you have a saved pointer list which can be opened later from the File menu in the Pointer scan window.

Now make sure to change the address of the value, which usually means die in the game, restart your level or restart your game. Find the value again by scanning for it and you will have the new address. If your pointer scan window was closed, open the saved pointerlist. Now probably you have noticed that many of the found pointers are pointing to wrong addresses, which means we have to remove the wrong ones.

Now you can use the Pointer scanner->Rescan memory option. Type in the new address, choose a name for the new pointerlist and CE will filter out the pointers that are pointing to the wrong address. Now you should have much less pointers in the list but at least they are correct.

It may happen that some of the pointers will fail to work from time to time, in this case, you need to filter them again, until you find reliable pointers which are working for you in every case. Keep rescanning the pointers until you have found one that is perfect for you.

If you wish to add a pointer to the address list, all you need to do is double-click on it in the pointer list and it will be added to your table as a new pointer.