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If you have used the Break and trace option in CE 5.x, you will notice that this option has been improved to be a much more advanced feature in CE 6. First you are able to use break and trace with data breakpoints too. Furthermore, you can set a breaking condition and stopping condition for the trace and you also have the option to log the stack to a certain level (4096 bytes are used to make the stack snapshots). If you see a trace log, you will notice additional, very important changes.

The trace log is displayed as a tree, so you can see calls and returns easily. This way the log is also a structured map of the traced code, which is undoubtedly a huge improvement compared to the previous logs. It will not only help you to navigate, but you can also see where is your code in the tree and how "deep" is the function where it is used. Advanced users will probably appreciate this. Right-clicking in the log will offer the collapse and expand tree options.

There are a few additional options like saving the log and searching in the log (which was not possible in earlier versions). Also an improvement that the values on the addresses in the codes are shown.

Clicking on the F button will bring up the FPU register window, and the S button will show the Stack View window. If You right-click in the stack view, you can change the offset display between ebp+* and esp+* which is very useful when you are tracing values in the stack.

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