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Auto Assembler globalAlloc(Symbol, Size, AllocateNearThisAddress OPTIONAL)

Allocates a certain amount of memory and registers the specified name. Using GlobalAlloc in other scripts will then not allocate the memory again, but reuse the already existing memory. (Or allocate it anyhow if found it wasn't allocated yet) If 'AllocateNearThisAddress' is specified CE will try to allocate the memory near that address. This is useful for 64-bit targets where the jump distance could be bigger than 2GB otherwise.


[edit] Command Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Symbol string The symbol to allocate globally
Size integer The byte size of the memory block to allocate globally
AllocateNearThisAddress string The address to allocate near if given

[edit] Examples

globalAlloc(SomeSymbol, 0x4)
globalAlloc(SomeSymbol, 0x4, SomeAOBSymbol)
globalAlloc(SomeSymbol, 0x1000, Tutorial-x86_64.exe)
globalAlloc(SomeSymbol, $1000, Tutorial-x86_64.exe)

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