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Auto Assembler {$lua}

Auto Assembler {$asm}

Auto assembler scripts support section written in Lua.You can start such a section using the {$lua} keyword, and end it with {$asm}. The return value of such a function (if it returns a value at all) will be interpreted as normal auto assembler commands. When syntax checking, the lua sections get executed. To make sure your lua script behaves properly in those situations, check the "syntaxcheck" boolean. If it's true, then do not make permanent changes. e.g:

if syntaxcheck then return end

Of course, if your script is meant to generate code, do make it return code so that it passes the initial syntax check. (e.g label definitions etc...)


[edit] Command Parameters


[edit] Examples

-- This is Lua code.
if memrec then
  print('This is memoryrecord '..memrec.description)
// This is Auto Assembler code
  db 90 90 90

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