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Auto Assembler fullAccess(Address, Size)

Makes a memory region at the specified address and at least "size" bytes readable, writable and executable.

Only give the size you actually want to change, crossing conflicting page boundaries will make it fail completely, not even changing the protection of the first page

Command Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Address string The address or symbol of the memory block to change access rights
Size integer The minimum byte size of the memory block


fullAccess(SomeSymbol, 0xC2)
fullAccess(00123ABC, 12)
FULLACCESS(00400800,4) //00400800 is usually read only non executable data, this makes it writeable and executable
jmp 00410000

mov [00400800],esi
mov [esi+80],ebx
xor eax,eax
jmp 00451031

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