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If you haven't done the Cheat Engine Tutorial then please do so as this tutorial builds on that and some (basic) things that are mentioned will not be mentioned here.

For more detailed instructions on finding values please see:

The game I'll be using is Dishonored 2, but pretty much any game will work.

Tip: When starting a table put the game in windowed mode to stop screen flickering when shifting focus.

Tip: Make sure to always create a backup of saves, and keep an original save (before using Cheat Engine).

I'm starting out on the Dreadful Wale and this is where I'm creating my good save. I have chosen to start a new game, unlock the Far Reach power, and not pick up any thing, that didn't have to be picked up, on the Dreadful Wale upon arrival. Note: The Dreadful Wale is the player safe location or home base.

I usually start with finding the player base so let's start there.

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