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Tanki Online Known Cheats wiki page[edit]

Diamond Cheat This cheat is a simple exact value cheat [see the tutorial if you don't know what I'm talking about]. One of the hard parts of this certain cheat is finding the address of the Process which it is on because to isolate the adress(es), you must change your current diamond amount by either buying cheap powerups in the garage or runing into one of the airdropped diamond boxes in a battle. The garage isolation method is faster but more expensive because if your process selected is wrong, then you will have to switch to another process and start the scan again. The airdropped diamond boxes method is less expensive but may take longer because the timing of drops changes with the stage. There is also competition and enemy tanks and so on. When you have isolated the diamond address or adresses [the amount of adresses changes with the type of computer, proccess, etc.], then find a battle to go in to. Now this is the hard part: set the diamond value to the desired amount and on the same life, get a diamond box and wait. If you didn't mess up anything, then either a second diamond box will fall on your tank and you will get the desired amount of diamonds, or when you click "battles" or "garage" the amount of diamonds in your bank will suddenly change to the desired amount.

Warning: Sometimes when you have your desired amount of diamonds, the server will detect your cheating and close it or when you click "buy" on an object and click "yes" your connetion will be closed by the server. In either case of this, when you log back on, your diamond amount will be the same as before

The cheat above and title of this page were made by Le-Fox. Feel free to add more cheats on here! I know that there are some health cheats and many others too! help to expand this page! ---Le-Fox 19:21, 20 January 2012 (UTC)