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Stringlist Class: (Inheritance : Strings->Object) createStringlist() : Creates a stringlist class object (for whatever reason, lua strings are probably easier to use)

[edit] properties

   Duplicates : DuplicatesType - Determines how duplicates should be handled
   Sorted : boolean - Determines if the list should be sorted
   CaseSensitive: boolean - Determines if the list is case sensitive or not.

[edit] methods

   getDuplicates() : returns the duplicates property
   setDuplicates(Duplicates) : Sets the duplicates property (dupIgnore, dupAccept, dupError)
   getSorted() : returns true if the list has the sorted property
   setSorted(boolean) : Sets the sorted property
   getCaseSensitive() : Returns true if the case sensitive property is set
   setCaseSensitive(boolean): Sets the case sensitive property

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