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Strings class: (Inheritance: Object)

Mostly an abstract class.


Text : string
All the strings as one string.
Count : number
The number of strings in this list.
String[] : string
Array to access one specific string in the list.


Deletes all strings in the list.
Adds a string to the list.
Deletes a string from the list at the index given.
getText() : string
Returns all the strings as one string.
Sets the strings of the list to the given text (can be multi-line).
indexOf(string) : index
Returns the index of the first instance of the specified string.
Returns -1 if not found.
insert(index, string)
Inserts a string at a specific spot moving the items after it.
getCount() : number
Returns the number of strings in the list.
Removes the first instance of the given string from the list.
loadFromFile(filename) : boolean
Loads the strings from a text file.
saveToFile(filename) : boolean
Saves the strings to a text file.
getString(index) : string
Gets the string at the given index.
setString(index, string)
Replaces the string at the given index.

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