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function mono_method_disassemble(methodId) : integer

?? Returns a string - ?? the IL code ??. ??

Function Parameters[edit]

Parameter Type Description
methodId integer The method's ID


In Lua Engine form[edit]

While attached to Cuphead.


local mId = mono_findMethod('', 'PlayerStatsManager', 'TakeDamage')
print(mono_method_disassemble(mId):gsub('\n', '\r\n'))


IL_0000: ldarg.0   
IL_0001: call      0x060035cc
IL_0006: brfalse   IL_000c
IL_000b: ret       
IL_000c: ldarg.0   
IL_000d: ldfld     0x04002f4b
IL_0012: brfalse   IL_0018
IL_0017: ret       
IL_0018: call      0x06001012
IL_001d: callvirt  0x0600104c
IL_0022: brfalse   IL_0028
IL_0027: ret       
IL_0028: ldarg.0   
IL_0029: call      0x060035d9
IL_002e: brfalse   IL_0034
IL_0033: ret       
IL_0034: ldarg.0   
IL_0035: call      0x060035d4
IL_003a: ldc.r4    0
IL_003f: ble.un    IL_004f
IL_0044: ldarg.0   
IL_0045: ldc.r4    0
IL_004a: call      0x060035d5
IL_004f: call      0x060035c2
IL_0054: brtrue    IL_0063
IL_0059: call      0x0600360f
IL_005e: brfalse   IL_0064
IL_0063: ret       
IL_0064: ldarg.0   
IL_0065: dup       
IL_0066: call      0x060035c6
IL_006b: ldc.i4.1  
IL_006c: sub       
IL_006d: call      0x060035c7
IL_0072: ldarg.0   
IL_0073: call      0x06002fef
IL_0078: callvirt  0x06002ff9
IL_007d: brtrue    IL_008c
IL_0082: ldsfld    0x040015bb
IL_0087: br        IL_0091
IL_008c: ldsfld    0x040015bc
IL_0091: stloc.0   
IL_0092: call      0x06001029
IL_0097: brtrue    IL_00a6
IL_009c: call      0x0600102b
IL_00a1: brfalse   IL_00b8
IL_00a6: ldloc.0   
IL_00a7: brfalse   IL_00b8
IL_00ac: ldloc.0   
IL_00ad: callvirt  0x060018cb
IL_00b2: ldarg.0   
IL_00b3: call      0x060035f0
IL_00b8: ldarg.0   
IL_00b9: call      0x06003601
IL_00be: ldarg.0   
IL_00bf: call      0x060035c6
IL_00c4: ldc.i4.3  
IL_00c5: bge       IL_00dc
IL_00ca: call      0x06001023
IL_00cf: dup       
IL_00d0: ldfld     0x040030e3
IL_00d5: ldc.i4.1  
IL_00d6: add       
IL_00d7: stfld     0x040030e3
IL_00dc: ldc.r4    1
IL_00e1: ldc.r4    0.2
IL_00e6: ldarg.0   
IL_00e7: call      0x06002fef
IL_00ec: callvirt  0x06002ff9
IL_00f1: call      0x06000f52
IL_00f6: ldarg.0   
IL_00f7: call      0x060035c6
IL_00fc: ldc.i4.0  
IL_00fd: bgt       IL_010d
IL_0102: ldarg.0   
IL_0103: call      0x06003603
IL_0108: br        IL_011a
IL_010d: ldarg.0   
IL_010e: ldarg.0   
IL_010f: call      0x0600360c
IL_0114: call      0x0a000140
IL_0119: pop       
IL_011a: ret       

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