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'''function''' playSound(''stream'', ''waittilldone'')
'''function''' playSound(''stream'', ''waittilldone'')

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function playSound(stream, waittilldone)

function playSound(tablefile, waittilldone)

Plays a sound file

Function Parameters

Parameter Type Description
stream Stream A Stream object, can be MemoryStream or FileStream
tablefile TableFile A TableFile object, a file added and stored in the cheat table
waittilldone Boolean If true, the next LUA instruction will not execute until the sound is done playing


Calling from LUA


Calling from an AA Script:

  dd 1

  dd 2

Creating Files

I am unsure of the formats supported, but using Audacity worked for me. I recorded my microphone and selected just the portion I wanted, then used "File->Export Selected Audio" to export it as 'WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM'.

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