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Stream class: (Inheritance: Object)

Base class for byte stream objects.


Size : integer
The byte size of the stream.
Position : integer
The current byte position of the stream.


copyFrom(stream, count)
Copies 'count' number of bytes from the given 'stream' to this stream
Note: Always set 'Postion' before using 'copyFrom' (i.e.: 0 for start of steam).
local stringStream = createStringStream()
stringStream.Position = 0 -- if not set before using 'copyFrom' the 'StringStream' object will be inconsistent.
stringStream.copyFrom(tableFile.Stream, tableFile.Stream.Size)
read(count) : table
Returns a byte table containing the bytes of the stream.
This increases the position.
write(byteTable, count OPTIONAL)
Writes the given bytetable to the stream

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