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function decodeFunction(encodedString) : function

Converts a given string converted by encodeFunction back into function.


[edit] Function Parameters

Parameter Type Description
encodedString string The string to decode into a function

[edit] Examples

local myCoolFunction = decodeFunction([[c-oWpDNPJ!ketlRCB=/U!NS2(5ypT38s!d+42)bq1T)V$DK]cOh6W(:.:sVD24sPxSl9{RGV?9p8L$BW3{Oh^]])
myCoolFunction('I have the power!')
local function myCoolFunction(str) print(str) end
local encodedFunc = encodeFunction(myCoolFunction)
local decodedFunc = decodeFunction(encodedFunc)
decodedFunc('I have the power!')

[edit] See also

[edit] Related Functions

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