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Control class: (Inheritance: Control->Component->Object)

Base class for windows aware controls.


DoubleBuffered : boolean
Graphical updates will go to a off screen bitmap which will then be shown on the screen instead of directly to the screen.
May reduce flickering.
ControlCount : integer
The number of child controls of this WinControl.
Control[index] : Control
Array to access a child Control.
OnEnter : function
Function to be called when the WinControl gains focus.
OnExit : function
Function to be called when the WinControl loses focus.


getControlCount() : integer
Returns the number of Controls attached to this class
getControl(index) : control
Returns a WinControl class object
getControlAtPos(x, y) : (integer, integer)
Gets the Control at the given x,y position relative to the WinControl's position
canFocus() : boolean
returns true if the object can be focused
focused() : boolean
returns boolean true when focused
tries to set keyboard focus to the object.
Sets the region object as the new shape for this WinControl.
Sets the Bitmap object as the new shape for this WinControl.
Sets an 'onEnter' event. (Triggered on focus enter)
getOnEnter() : function
Returns the 'onEnter' event.
Sets an 'onExit' event. (Triggered on lost focus)
getOnExit() : function
Returns the 'onExit' event.

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