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Component class: (Inheritance: Object)

Base class for components.


ComponentCount : integer : Readonly
Number of child components.
Component[index] : Component : Readonly
Array containing the child components. Starts at 0.
ComponentByName[name] : Component : Readonly
Returns a component based on the name.
Name : string
The name of the component.
Tag : integer
Free to use storage space. (Usefull for id's)
Owner : Component
Returns the owner of this object. Nil if it has none.


getComponentCount() : integer
Returns the number of components attached to his component.
getComponent(index) : Component
Returns the specific component.
findComponentByName(name) : Component
Returns the component with this name.
getName() : string
Return the name.
Changes the name.
getTag() : integer
Get the tag value.
Sets an integer value. You can use this for ID's.
getOwner() : Component
Returns the owner of this component

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