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StringList class: (Inheritance: Strings->Object)

Basically, a wrapper around the Strings class.

Related Globals

createStringList() : StringList
Creates a stringList object.
DuplicatesType : number
These are declared globally and their type() is of number.
They act like an enum object for the Duplicates property.
0 : dupIgnore
1 : dupAccept
2 : dupError


Duplicates : DuplicatesType
Determines how duplicates should be handled.
Note: Does not seem to work.
Sorted : boolean
Determines if the list should be sorted.
CaseSensitive : boolean
Determines if case sensitivity is considered when sorting the list.
Note: This has no effect on the actual cases of the actual strings.


getDuplicates() : DuplicatesType
Returns the Duplicates property.
Sets the Duplicates property (dupIgnore, dupAccept, dupError).
Note: Again, this does not seem to have any actual effect.
getSorted() : boolean
Returns the Sorted property.
Sets the Sorted property.
getCaseSensitive() : boolean
Returns the CaseSensitive property.
Sets the CaseSensitive property.

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