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Form Class (Inheritance ScrollingWinControl->CustomControl->WinControl->Control->Component->Object)

The Form class is a window

createForm(visible OPT) Creates a Form class object(window) and returns the pointer for it. Visible is default true but can be changed

createFormFromFile(filename) Creates a Form class object and initializes it based on the data in the given file. It returns the generated form



saveToFile(filename) Saves a userdefined form. (DOES NOT WORK ON NORMAL FORMS LIKE MAINFORM)

centerScreen() Places the form at the center of the screen

hide() Hide the form

show() Show the form

showModal() Show the form and wait for it to close and get the close result

isForegroundWindow() returns true if the specified form has focus

onClose(function) function (sender) Return a CloseAction to determine how to close the window

getMenu(form) Returns the mainmenu object of this form

setMenu(mainmenu) Sets a menu for the form


function goodbyeMessage(sender)
  print "called by form_onClose"
  closeCE()                    -- Just closes ce

local forms = createForm(true) -- true = visible(optional), false = not visible when created.
forms.hide()               -- hides the form
sleep(3000)                -- again makes the form visible
forms.centerScreen()       -- Places the form at the center of the screen
if forms.isForegroundWindow(forms)  then
  print "form in focus"
forms.onClose(goodbyeMessage)   -- delegates goodbyeMessage function. goodbyeMessage should have the prototype "goodbyeMessage(oneArgument)"

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