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Originally posted by emperor

2 Byte means: 00 00 to FF FF this allows only up to 65535, obviously.

4 byte means: 00 00 00 00 to FF FF FF FF (allows up to 4294967295).

Now for example you can miss 2 byte values with 4 byte scans:

example: value in game is 300 stored in game's memory as 012C

If you search for 12C as 2 Byte it will be in your results.

If you search for 12C as 4 byte the 2 Bytes before the 012C matter as well.

For example the 012C would be after an FF FF.

Meaning: FF FF 01 2C is in the memory 01 2C being what you are searching for. However seen as 4 Byte this is not 01 2C (300) but it's FF FF 01 2 C (4294902060).

To my mind for exact value scans you should use the smallest appopirate byte type (for ex if it doesn't rise over 65000 use 2 byte). However since most games multiply it with a certain factor exact value scans are hardly any useful...when doing an unknown value scan it's up to you to chose the correct bytesize...most commonly used is 4 byte after all. It's nothing new to me seeing games showing a stat up to like 2000-3000 as 4 Byte in a huge number over serveral hundret thousands..however how much a certain game multiplies,adds or substracts, or tries to hide it depends on the game, is therefore sort of unknown therefore i think in many cases the bytesize is also sort of unknown although 4 Byte is always likely.

Note doing increase/decrease value scans wouldn't fail even if there were some other bytes before it:

for example

FF FF 01 2C is increased by one...

---> FF FF 01 2D increased would still be okay as unknown initial.

But if the FF FF also changes

to like FE FE then it would screw up the scan.

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