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Originally posted by Geri

Open the CE tutorial and proceed to Step 2. Open CE and attach it to the tutorial.

Now You have 100 health. We will find this value by using the percentage scan in CE.

Start an unknown initial value scan. Now click on the hit me button and you loose some health. I have 96 health now.

Click on the Scan type dropdown menu and choose the last option, "Compare to first scan". This means that in the next searches, the values will not be compared to the last search result, but always to the first scan result, which is in our case 100 for our value.

The next step is to choose "Value between..." search and click on the between % checkbox. What will this option do exactly? It will check all values which are x-y% of the value that we use for comparing. At the moment, this means it will scan for values which are x-y% of the first scan result. Why is this good for us? We have made the first scan when our value was 100. This value is the 100%. Our value at the moment is 96. It isn't hard to calculate that our value is the 96% of the first scan result.

To find our value, we type in 95 and 97 in the fields so CE will find all values that are 95-97% of the first scan result. Hit next scan and You can see that we have only a few results. Probably You can see that the value is in the list, but just for fun, repeat the process again. Click on "Hit me" a few times.

Now I have 78 health. I need to find the value. 78 is obviously 78% of the first scan result which was 100. So I make a scan with "Value between...", between% and I type in 77 and 79.

Awesome I have found my value already. This example was easy because we have seen the value and we knew that it is not multiplied with any number. You may think this was a stupid example. But wait a minute. What happens if the value is stored in some tricky way, like when it is multiplied with 8 for flash games? Well of course since we have searched for x-y% of the value, it doesn't matter if the values are multiplied, you will find them easily using this method. With a flash game, it would have worked this way (not in all flash games, but in some of them). You have 100 health and it is stored like 800 in the memory. You do a first scan. Then your health is decreasing to 96 (which is in fact 768 in the memory). You search for 96% (95-97%). Then you loose some health again and you see you have 78 health (which is in fact 624 in the memory). You search for 78% (77-79%) and bingo. You have found your value. Did you know it is multiplied? No. Did you find it just by searching for x percentage of the first scan result which was 100%? Yes, you have found it easily and it would have worked even if the value is multiplied with 200, 1000 or even 4748 in the memory.

I hope you realize that this feature is VERY useful when you don't know if a value is multiplied or not and you have no idea what is the multiplier value. In many cases, this will help to find timers and other tricky values which are usually multiplied.

And now, we will check what happens if we don't see the exact value that we are looking for. Proceed to Step 3 in the Tutorial. You can see a health bar only, but you don't know the exact number. What you see however, is that the health bar is full. This means that the health bar is filled to 100% at the moment.

Now start an unknown initial value search. Click on Hit me a few times and You loose some health. Now choose Compare to first scan again, then choose "Value between..." and between %. Look at your health bar. You have lost some health, try to guess how much % health do you have from the full bar. My bar is filled to about 85-95% so I have about 85-95% of the full health. Ok, I search for 85-95%. Click on Hit me again a few times to loose health. Ok now my health bar is somewhere between 60 and 80%. I search for 60-80%. Bingo.

I have found my value already, but if you don't have it yet, continue searching until you find it.

Why is this useful when you could just simply use increased/decreased search? If you have ever tried to find a graphically displayed timer or a progress bar in some game, where you did not have the option to stop the value and all you could do is to keep searching for decreased value all the time, then think about how easy would have been to just search for the progress bar this way.

As a final word, I need to mention that a decreasing health bar or progress bar doesn't mean that the value is decreasing. It may happen that it is constantly increasing until it will reach a certain value. But even in this case, you can still use the % scan, just be a bit clever. Utilize this feature when you are stuck with increased/decreased changed/unchanged value searches, because this will save you many times. Probably this feature is one of the most useful options in CE 6 for beginners and advanced users alike.