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Older versions of Cheat Engine (pre-5.4) come with a separate Client and Server version.

There are a few games that give no possibility to switch between programs (It either closes, crashes, or takes down your whole pc when you switch to something else). In those cases the Network versions of Cheat Engine come in handy (Assuming you have 2 computers or a friend over internet willing to help).

Load the server program on the computer that will run the game and start the server. Then run the game on that computer and start the client part of Cheat Engine on another computer. Make a connection with the client to the computer that runs the server. When a connection is established the Cheat Engine user interface will show up on the client side. With that you can open the process of the game on the server and scan the memory as if you're local.

To get them, download Cheat Engine 5.3 or earlier.

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