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Originally posted by Dark Byte

Sometimes when you've found a address and the code to change that address is also used to change other addresses (like that of the enemy) the following function will be usefull:

When you've found the code that accesses the address you've found you can save that and use it to find the address you are looking for, so you don't have to go through the slow scanning routine again. (unless of course scanning for it is a lot faster than this, like finding a piece of text and then recalculating the rest)

Go to the advanced window, rightclick the code and choose "Find out what addresses this code writes to" (or reads from depending on what kind of code it is, and can sometimes be a write instead of a read but that doesn't matter) and play the game. after a while the list will be filled up with all the addresses that that code used. (enemy's energy including if it is also used to handle the enemy)

Only downside is that this (currently) only works for instructions that have a [...] part. So instructions like "rep movsb" won't work, but that is a instruction thats useless to cheating anyhow)

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