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This page is an advanced settings page, and care should be taken before altering anything here. This is the page of most interest to those using CE againt online targets and thus anti-cheat systems, due to the kernelmode and stealth features available here.

Query memory region routines: This will have CE try and 'work out' how memory is allocated in the game. This is needed on some unorthodox targets, particularly online games, or games protected with an anti-cheat system.

Read/Write Process Memory: Forces read and write access to the target processes memory space. This is needed on some targets that are protected as above. It's also a special point of note with some emulators such as PCSX2 for PS2 games running on a Vista/Win7 host machine. You'll need this on to come up with any results at all.

Open Process: This will open a handle to the current process. This is needed for the process watcher and kernelmode debug routines to work (and will get enabled along with those if not already on).

Enable the use of the Process Watcher: Enable this if you can't find a target process in the list. Enable this and then start the game. Choose the process when you see it appear. It uses kernelmode to do this, so requires the below option. It's handy therefore, for cheat-protected titles.