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Cheat Engine is a powerful and feature-rich program designed primarily for modifying the rules in games. It has a simple, intuitive interface making it easy for beginners, but it also has a lot 'under the hood' making it ideal for advanced users as well. This program came into existence because at the time there weren't many free and easy-to-use modding programs. The ones that were free weren't very easy to use for a beginner, or they lacked essential features.

Also, I was used to cheating on games using the tool 'Gamehack'(and gamewizard in dos), but when I moved on to Win2000 I couldn't get it to work, so decided to make something that did work. This also have me a chance to learn programming while creating a real project.

Over time Cheat Engine has had a lot of improvements, additions of new features, and higher stability than the very first versions, and that's all thanks to the ideas and suggestions of people that sent me feedback. If you want to help make Cheat Engine better, send your ideas and suggestions to:

[email protected]

Or you can download the source code, make changes yourself and send them to me (CE is written mainly in pascal, so it helps if you know that language before you try it).

Also, another way to motivate me to work on Cheat Engine, is to donate. You can donate whatever amount you wish through PayPal using the same email as above. If you make regular use of, or get a lot out of cheat engine, please consider donating to at least cover hosting costs for the website.