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Robot Rage is an Online Multiplayer Game. The game has no story nor quests, but has robots shaped like cars that you can construct yourself. There are no 'cheats' in Robot Rage, but there are hacks though.

Infinite money

- Cheat Engine
- 30 Gold or more

Step 1: Open up Cheat Engine and target the browser Robot Rage is in.

Step 2: Log in and scan for your money with EXACT SCAN - 4 BYTES.

Step 3: Buy a Dagger for 10 Gold.

Step 4: Scan for the new value with NEXT SCAN.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 and 4 until you have only 1 value left.

Step 6: Assuming you have only 1 value left, double click it. Right click on the value in the value list and click on 'Find out what writes to this address'.

Step 7: Buy another dagger. Look at the window that popped up after you opened 'Find out what writes to this address'. There should be a line containing a lot of random letters and numbers.

Step 8: Select the line containing a lot of random letters and numbers and press 'replace'. Replace everything with "ASDAFE4653" without the quotation marks.

Step 9: Your money can't go any lower now. Buy some daggers (Or the most expensive item you can buy), close Cheat Engine and refresh the browser.

>>> WARNING <<< Don't buy any more than 20 items. You can't select your character/log in anymore.

Step 10: If you have logged in successfully sell everything you just bought.

Step 11: Repeat all the steps above, but this time with more expensive items to sell for more Gold.

Have fun!

Credits: - YouTube for telling me this 3 years ago. - Me (Benji) for writing it here.