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(Copied from the forums)

I think everyone already knows this but I'll post it here anyhow. If you want to contribute to the ce project these are the following things to take notice of:

  • Your addition has to be open source so other people can see your source from the cvs
  • Written in delphi, but if you make a extension dll or standalone helper app, other languages are allowed. (With the requirement that I am able to compile the source as well with the same compiler)
  • Cheat Engine is a GENERIC cheat tool, meaning it can be used by ANY game. Therefore do not put any game specific functions in it. (Plugins can be used for game specific stuff)
  • If you gain enough trust and have shown your way arround programming and the ce source I can even give you write access to the cvs
  • Don't make use of installable delphi components, they will ause trouble with different delphi versions

not really have to do with the source-----
  • Give suggestions on what to improve/add (remember, generic, so no game specific buttons)
  • Donate (see sig)
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