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Cheat engine has some basic and some more advanced debugging options at it's disposal.

  • Break and single stepping/stepping over
  • Find out what Accesses/Find out what writes
  • Change register on breakpoint

Cheat engine also gives the ability to use some debugging from kernelside so the debugger isn't picked up as one with the normal methods of detections. This can be further enhanced with dbvm wich even cloaks the interrupt editing part.
Currently(2009) kernel debugging only works with a few but useful functions: "Find out what Accesses/Find out what writes" and "Change register on breakpoint" , currently(2009) no single stepping with the kernelmode routines are possible, but it's currently(2009) being worked on, and you may expect to see a version of Cheat Engine in the future which DOES contain the ability to single step using these routines.

Useful hotkeys while debugging:

  • f4 run till
  • f5 set breakpoint
  • f7 step into
  • f8 step over
  • f9 run