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A "CEAddressString" is a string formatted for use by Cheat Engine's internal symbol handler to interpret an address

These addresses do not start with a 0x in front but do support basic math. Example: "00400500+12"

Pointers are written between [ and ]. Example: [[game.exe+1234]+12]+8 for a pointer that is written as:


The address specifier can also be a global lua symbol, but then it can only be the lua symbol. You do that by starting the CEAddressString with a '$'-sign. Example: $MyGlobalsymbol

If an entry on the cheat table is nested under another entry, its address can begin with a "+", and will be interpreted as an offset to that parent entry. For example, if the parent entry is at the address "00400500+12", then the child entry with the address "+1" would resolve to "00400500+12+1".

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