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command xadd destination, source

Exchange and add the source with/to the destination.

The CF, PF, AF, SF, ZF, and OF flags are set according to the result of the addition, which is stored in the destination operand.

Exchanges the first operand (destination operand) with the second operand (source operand), then loads the sum of the two values into the destination operand. The destination operand can be a register or a memory location; the source operand is a register.

This instruction can be used with a LOCK prefix to allow the instruction to be executed atomically.


[edit] Command Parameters

Parameter Description
destination r8-m8 / r16-m16 / r32-m32
source r8 / r16 / r32

[edit] Examples

xadd dl,ah
xadd [edx+110],al // byte value
xadd ax,dx
xadd [eax+10],dx // word value
xadd edx,eax
xadd [esi],edi // dword value

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