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command test destination, source

The TEST instruction works same as the AND operation, but unlike AND instruction, it does not change the first operand.

The OF and CF flags are set to 0. The SF, ZF, and PF flags are set according to the result (see the "Operation" section above). The state of the AF flag is undefined.

Computes the bit-wise logical AND of first operand (source 1 operand) and the second operand (source 2 operand) and sets the SF, ZF, and PF status flags according to the result. The result is then discarded.


[edit] Command Parameters

Parameter Description
destination The destination operand
source The source operand

[edit] Examples

test al,1
test ax,1
test ax,1
test eax,1
test rax,1
test al,al
test ax,ax
test ax,ax
test eax,eax
test rax,rax
test [eax],eax
test [rax],rax
test [00123ABC],eax
test [SomeSymbol],rax

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