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command mov size destination, source

Sets the destination to the source.

Copies the second operand (source operand) to the first operand (destination operand). The source operand can be an immediate value, general-purpose register, segment register, or memory location; the destination register can be a general-purpose register, segment register, or memory location. Both operands must be the same size, which can be a byte, a word, or a doubleword.

Command Parameters[edit]

Parameter Description
size OPTIONAL The size of the operand to move (based on registery size if not given)
destination The destination operand
source The source operand


mov eax,0
mov rax,-1
mov [eax],0x9
mov [rax],1
mov [rax],rsi
mov eax,[rax]
mov rax,[rax]
mov byte ptr [rax],0
mov word ptr [rax],0
mov dword ptr [rax],0
mov qword ptr [rax],0
mov rax,SomeSymbol
mov rax,[SomeSymbol]
mov SomeSymbol,rax
mov [SomeSymbol],rax

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