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'DragonFable', or DF, is a free flash based web RPG, and cheat engine works well with Flash games. There are many hacks possible using cheat engine, searching the web or YouTube might be useful.

[edit] Amulet hack

There are rumors of these hacks but is usually impossible with Cheat Engine alone, a useful software might be Wpepro(Winsocet Packet Editor)

[edit] Level hack

First log in with your account to DragonFable > Attach Cheat Engine to you browser (do not use tabs, it will ruin it) > Do any quest > Kill the opponent > When it say "Victory! Exp:x Gold:x(Tip: dont click "OK"), mutiply the Exp you see by eight and enter the answer to Cheat Engine and click scan > Fight the next guy > Multiply the new Exp by eight and type it in and click "Next Scan" put down the new address(') > Edit the value to any thing you like above 100,000 > When you fight the next guy should see when you click "OK" after the fight you'll have to click "OK" a couple of times before finally: Your level Increases! :D > If your characters on a low level your level it should work just by continuing to fight more opponents (on the same quest) and after a couple of times your account will get blocked till the next day (not 24 hours exactly, just the next day) BUT if you are a high enough level you should do the whole thing over and over again or else you will get blocked immediately.

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