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Random users on the Cheat Engine website. Rumor goes that when people piss him off, they tend to disappear forever


"I once talked to him, he seemed quite normal. Very average. The huge hammer with the lettres B, A and N written on it startled me at first though."

05 June - 06 June

Dark Byte had a field day of creating drama. He started off by letting this wiki getting leaked, causing lots of drama due to the Public rights. He topped it off by disabling the use of Alt codes, leading to a massive "Bawwww" coming from Random Spam, they couldn't triforce anymore. But he hadn't done: He then offered to enable Alt codes for some cash. 499.99$, less than 500$! To ensure some more drama, he granted a single user rights.

Some more IRC fun to top off the day was ofcourse a nice bonus.