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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Creating a cheat table - Full guide}}
If you haven't done the Cheat Engine Tutorial then please do so as this tutorial builds on that and some (basic) things that are mentioned will not be mentioned here.
* [[Tutorials:Cheat_Engine_Tutorial_Guide_x32]]
* [[Tutorials:Cheat_Engine_Tutorial_Guide_x64]]
The game I'll be using is [https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Dishonored Dishonored], but pretty much any game will work. I pick this game because It's simple yet complex at the right levels, it loads quickly, and when paused in windowed mode it releases the mouse.
Tip: Edit the 'DishonoredEngine.ini' it'll be at 'My Documents/My Games/Dishonored/DishonoredGame/Config/'. Find the key 'bForceNoStartupMovies' and set it to true:
Tip: When starting a table put the game in windowed mode to stop screen flickering when shifting focus.
Tip: Make sure to always create a backup of saves, and keep an original save (before using Cheat Engine).
I'm starting out at the ''Hound Pits Pub'' and this is where I'm creating my good save. I have chosen to start a new game, unlock the ''Blink'' power, but not pick up any thing at the ''Hound Pits Pub'' upon arrival. Note: The ''Hound Pits Pub'' is the player safe location or home base.
I usually start with finding the player coordinates so let's start there.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:coordinates|Finding the player coordinates]]
Now After that we can find the player base.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:Finding_player_base|Finding the Player base]]
Now that we have a player base, let's find the player health address.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:health|Finding the player health]]
Now that we seem to have a good base address and some values, try to find the ''Mana'' address your self.
Hint: It is in the same structure as health, oxygen, and coordinates.
So time for some real fun, on to the hooks and hacks.
So let's start with my favorite, a super speed hack.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:movement_speed|Write a Super Speed hack]]
And just because they go to together like peanut-butter and jelly, next let's go for a super jump hack.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:jump_height|Write a Super Jump hack]]
Now let's work on a health hack, for this I find it's best to get around combatants so that we can test to see if the instruction the we hook also works on combatants' health.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:health_hack|Write a Health Hack]]
So time to make some money for the player, on to a money hack.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:money_hack|Write a Money Hack]]
Now after the money hack we have a way to get to the Runes, but I want an address for the Runes and Coins to add a once run script to just add some when I need them and even clear the number of Runes to get rid of any repetitive messages. So on to a Runes and Coins Hook.
* [[Tutorials:Create_cheat_table_full:runes_coins_hook|Write a Money and Runes Hook]]
'''Work in progress, continuing later.'''--[[User:TheyCallMeTim13|TheyCallMeTim13]] 02:47, 31 December 2017 (UTC)

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