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Most common programming languages used for gamehacking:

  • C / C++
  • Delphi
  • Visual Basic

Most useful API's:

  • OpenProcess
  • ReadProcessMemory
  • WriteProcessMemory
  • CreateRemoteThread


Programming in flash uses one of two programming languages. Actionscript 2 or 3. (Actionscript 2 is a continuation of Actionscript 1, and therefor is the same thing.)
Both are very different and have their own uses.

Although Actionscript 3 is newer, it is not exactly better.
Actionscript 2 was engineered by Macromedia (now Adobe) and was entirely logic based.
In Actionscript 2, you could code using Object Oriented Programming, or whichever way you preferred.
After Adobe bought out Macromedia and took over Flash, they released Actionscript 3, an extremely limited programming language. Actionscript 3 does not support OOP and provides little to no flexibility.
All code must be placed on a frame in the timeline, whereas Actionscript 2 allowed code to be placed inside or on several different types of symbols, such as movie clips, buttons, or even text fields,
as well as the timeline.
Actionscript 3's simplicity allows it to operate faster than Actionscript 2, it also features new methods to code with and an expanded mathematical library.
If not for these few, but crucial, upgrades, it would be pointless altogether.