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          Oh, I would have mnntioeed that, but the article was written before the blog was out (and left as a draft for way too long). But you are in my blogroll!!!!On the timeline of computer science, Web-programming is recent, functional programming is damn old, that is a fact! The web allows us to do fantastic things and changed the way we do programming in many ways, it is a revolution (and not an evolution) because it is discontinuous/disruptive with the styles that went before. It did help with one of the more complex problem ever: human communication! But we have to admit that the fact that it is  the latest up to date shiny new technology  makes it very attractive to those who are new to the field. Going to PHP right away, without learning all the older things, and it is ok as long as it suits their needs. But no matter all this, my point is that me, as a person, I'm not good at been attracted to the new and cool things  maybe I'm one old dinosaur with my Assembly/LISP/C++ attraction, but I feel there is important knowledge there, even when doing higher level programming!