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This entry needs a lot of work. Please contribute if you can.

Check this page to see if there are some suggestions for adding to Mono:Lua.


[edit] Main Methods

  • LaunchMonoDataCollector: Injects the MonoDataCollector dll and returns 0 for failure, or the monoBase returned from the CMD_INITMONO command on the mono pipe.
  • monoTypeToVarType: Returns the Cheat Engine type (vtString, vtByte, vtWorkd, vtDword, vtSingle, vtDouble, vtPointer) for the given mono type.

[edit] Domains

[edit] Assemblies

  • mono_enumAssemblies: Returns table of assembly Ids for each assembly in the current domain from the MonoDataCollector.

[edit] Classes

[edit] JIT

  • mono_getJitInfo: Returns a table with the properties given the address of code in memory.
  • mono_compile_method: JITs a method if it isn't compiled yet.
  • mono_free_method: Frees the method (memory), only if profiler isn't being used, and only works on dynamic methods.

[edit] Methods

[edit] Invoke

[edit] Misc.

[edit] Cheat Engine Hooks

  • mono_initialize: Sets up hooks, calls old open process hook if there was one, and calls syncrhonize("mono_OpenProcessMT").
  • mono_OpenProcessMT: If timer (t) parameter is not nil; destroys timer then enumerates modules looking for 'mono.dll', and adds the mono menu item to Cheat Engine main form.
  • mono_OpenProcess:

[edit] Mono Dissector Methods

[edit] See also

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