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If you attach to a process/game that uses mono, you should see a new "Mono" menu item on the Cheat Engine form. This will have an Activate mono features menu item and a Dissect mono menu item.

Mono Menu

Menu Items

Activate mono features

Activate mono features will inject the appropriate DLL for the Mono Data Collector (located in the autorun folder) and set up a pipe to communicate with it.

If the Mono features are enabled then the menu item will be checked.
Mono Features Enabled

If there is an error enabling the Mono features you will get a message like this.
Mono Error

Dissect Mono

Dissect Mono will open the Mono Dissector form which lets you browse the mono classes available.
Mono Dissector Form

Mono (software)

Mono is a free and open-source project. Led by Xamarin, a subsidiary of Microsoft (formerly by Novell and originally by Ximian), and the .NET Foundation. Created to build an ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) standard-compliant .NET Framework compatible set of tools. Including a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime with just-in-time (JIT) compilation.[1]

Side Note: The logo of Mono is a stylized monkey's face, mono being Spanish for monkey.

JIT compilation

Just-in-time (JIT) compilation (a.k.a.: dynamic translation or run-time compilation), involves compilation during execution of a program (at run time) rather than prior to execution. JIT compilers also use ahead-of-time compilation (AOT), and interpretation; and combines some advantages and drawbacks of both.[2]

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