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function registerAutoAssemblerTemplate(name,function)

Registers a template to be used with the auto assembler window template menu

Returns an ID you can use with unregisterAutoAssemblerTemplate

Function Parameters[edit]

Parameter Type Description
name String The command string it self
function function(script, sender) The function called when the user picks the script. (script is a StringList object. sender is a frmAutoInject object)


registerAutoAssemblerTemplate('Better AOBScan script generator',function(script, sender)
 print("Do something with the script")
 script.add('//this is added by my script. Your script was '..script.Count..' lines long before this was added')
 script.add(string.format("//%.8x is the address you had selected in the disassembler", getMemoryViewForm().DisassemblerView.SelectedAddress))
end )

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