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debug_setBreakpoint(address[, size, trigger[, method]][, function])

Add a breakpoint at an address. Optional parameters are size, trigger, method, and function. Meaningful forms:

debug_setBreakpoint(address, function)
debug_setBreakpoint(address, size, trigger)
debug_setBreakpoint(address, size, trigger, function)
debug_setBreakpoint(address, size, trigger, method)
debug_setBreakpoint(address, size, trigger, method, function)
  • size: integer. Number of bytes to break for counting from the address. Ignored if trigger is "execute" (the default).
  • trigger: enum (integer). Type of access to break on. Default: bptExecute. Valid types are:[debuggertypedefinitions.pas]
    • bptExecute: break when the instruction pointer EIP is in the area
    • bptAccess: break when memory in the area is accessed
    • bptWrite: break when memory in the area is written to
  • method: enum (integer). How to implement the breakpoint. Default: Pascal variable preferedBreakpointMethod, set by ???. Valid methods are:[debuggertypedefinitions.pas]
    • bpmInt3: Interrupt? (Software breakpoint?)
    • bpmDebugRegister: ?? (Hardware breakpoint?)
    • bpmException: Exception?
  • function: function or string. A function or the name of a function to call when the breakpoint triggers.

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