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'''function''' createTableFile(''fileName'', ''filePath'' OPTIONAL) ''':''' TableFile
Creates and adds a new [[Lua:Class:TableFile|TableFile]] object representing a file stored with the cheat table.
You can retrieve the data as a [[Lua:Class:MemoryStream|MemoryStream]] or save it to disk.
===Function Parameters===
{|width="85%" cellpadding="10%" cellpadding="5%" cellspacing="0" border="0"
!style="width: 80%;background-color:white;" align="left"|Description
|The name of the file to be added to the cheat table
|The path to the file to be added to the cheat table
== Examples ==
local file = createTableFile('protected.wav')
local file = createTableFile('protected.wav', [[C:\SomeDirectory\MySounds]])
=== Adding a File ===
To add a file to your table, open the '''Table''' menu and pick '''Add File''':
Pick the file and it will be added to the table with the same name and show
up as a separate entry below '''Add file''' in the '''Table''' menu.  From that
you can rename it, save it out to disk, or delete it:
=== Related Functions ===
* [[Lua:findTableFile|findTableFile]]
=== Related Classes ===
* [[Lua:Class:TableFile|TableFile]]
* [[Lua:Class:MemoryStream|MemoryStream]]

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