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   function rep()
   function rep()
  print "hello world"   
    print "hello world"   

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Timer Class (Inheritance Component->object)

 The timer class is an non visual component that when active triggers an onTimer event every few milliseconds, based on the given interval

createTimer(owner, enabled OPT)

 Creates a timer object. If enabled is not given it will be enabled by default (will start as soon as an onTimer event has been assigned)
 Owner may be nil, but you will be responsible for destroying it


 Sets the speed on how often the timer should trigger. In milliseconds (1000=1 second)


 Returns true if the timer is enabled otherwise false


 Lets you enable of disable the timer


 function (sender)

Example 1:

 function rep()
   print "hello world"  
 local t = createTimer(nil)  -- it will create a Timer object and assign it to variable t.
 t.onTimer=rep   -- The function repeat will be called every 3 seconds.
 t.Interval=3000 --Call repeat() every 3 seconds
 t.Enabled=true -- Set timer to true. If false is passed as argument then it will disable timer object.