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ProgressBar Class: (Inheritance: WinControl->Control->Component->Object) createProgressBar(owner): Creates a ProgressBar class object which belongs to the given owner. Owner can be any object inherited from WinControl

Properties: Min: integer - The minimum positionvalue the progressbar can have (default 0) Max: integer - The maximum positionvalue the progressbar can have (default 100) Position: integer - The position of the progressbar Step: integer- The stepsize to step by when stepIt() is called

Methods: stepIt() - Increase position with "Step" size stepBy(integer) - increase the position by the given integer value getMax() - returns the Max property setMax(integer) - sets the max property getMin() - returns the min property setMin(integer)- sets the min property getPosition() - returns the current position setPosition(integer) - sets the current position