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'''MemoryRecord Class'''
'''MemoryRecord Class'''

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--Under Construction

MemoryRecord Class

 The Memoryrecord class object describes a Cheat Table's Cheat Entry.


 Returns the unique id of this memory record. Every memory record has an unique id


 Returns the number of hotkeys assigned to this Cheat Entry

memoryrecord_getHotkey(memoryrecord, index)

 Returns a memoryrecordhotkey class

memoryrecord_getHotkeyByID(memoryrecord, ID)

 Every hotkey in a memoryrecord gets an unique ID. This way you can always find the hotkey even if the order of hotkeys has changed (or deleted)

memoryrecord_setDescription(memoryrecord, description)

 Sets the specified description for this entry


 Gets the current description of this entry


 Returns the address and optional offsets for a pointer (note that in 64-bit kernelmode addresses will be rounded down...)

memoryrecord_setAddress(memoryrecord,address,offsets OPTIONAL)

 Sets the address of a entry. You can give as many offsets as you need


 Returns the Variable type. (vtByte to vtCustom)

memoryrecord_setType(memoryrecord, vartype)

 Sets the type of the entry


 Returns the current value of the cheat table entry as a string

memoryrecord_setValue(memoryrecord, value)

 Sets the value of a cheat table entry


 If the entry is of type vtAutoAssembler then you can get the script with this routine

memoryrecord_setScript(memoryrecord, script)


memoryrecord_freeze(memoryrecord, updownfreeze OPTIONAL)

 Sets the entry to frozen state. updownfreeze is optional. 0=freeze, 1=allow increase, 2=allow decrease


 Unfreezes an entry

memoryrecord_setColor(memoryrecord, colorrgb)

 Sets the color of the entry


 Adds the entry to another entry


 It's unknown what this function does, all that is known is that after using this command other memrec routines with this table entry value don't work anymore...

memoryrecord_onActivate(memoryrecord, function)

 Registers a function to be called when a cheat entry is Activated
   function (memoryrecord, before, currentstate) boolean
   If before is true returning false will cause the activation to stop

memoryrecord_onDeactivate(memoryrecord, function)

 Registers a function to be called when a cheat entry is Deactivated
   function (memoryrecord, before, currentstate) boolean
   If before is true returning false will cause the deactivation to stop

memoryrecord_onDestroy(memoryrecord, function)

 Registers a function to be called when a cheat entry is delete
   function (memoryrecord)


addresslist = getAddressList()
description1= [[Health]]
description2= [[Health Pointer]]
memoryrec1 = addresslist_getMemoryRecordByDescription(addresslist, description1)
memoryrec2 = addresslist_getMemoryRecordByDescription(addresslist, description2)

desc = memoryrecord_getDescription(memoryrec1)

memoryrecord_setDescription(memoryrec1, [[My new health description]])

value = memoryrecord_getValue(memoryrec2)

newvalue = 66
memoryrecord_setValue(memoryrec2, newvalue)

memoryrecord_freeze(memoryrec2)         -- to unfreeze use memoryrecord_freeze
memoryrecord_setColor(memoryrec2,0x0000FF)     -- Color codes should in hex values (range: 0x000000 to  0xFFFFFF  )     
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