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CheckBox Class: (Inheritance: ButtonControl->WinControl->Control->Component->Object)

The Checkbox is a visual component that lets the user click it and change state between checked, unchecked, and if possible, grayed

createCheckBox(owner) Creates a CheckBox class object which belongs to the given owner. Owner can be any object inherited from WinControl


AllowGrayed Determines if there is a 3th state
The state of the checkbox. 0=Unchecked, 1=Checked, 2=Gray
Function to be called when the state changes


local form = createForm( true );

local checkBoxes = {};
checkBoxes[1] = createCheckBox( form );
checkBoxes[2] = createCheckBox( form );
checkBoxes[3] = createCheckBox( form );
checkBoxes[4] = createCheckBox( form );
checkBoxes[5] = createCheckBox( form );

for x = 1, #checkBoxes do
    checkBoxes[x].Caption="This is checkbox " .. tostring( x )
    checkBoxes[x].setPosition(10, x * 20)

checkBoxes[1].State=0  -- Sets checkboxes[1] to unchecked state.
checkBoxes[2].State=1  -- Sets checkboxes[2] to checked state.
checkBoxes[3].State=2  -- Sets checkboxes[3] to the gray state

if checkBoxes[4].Checked then  -- if checkboxes[4] is checked then the function returns true otherwise false.
   print "true"
   print "false"

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