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function AOBScan(...)

function AOBScan(AOBString, ProtectionFlags OPTIONAL, AlignmentType OPTIONAL, AlignmentParam HALFOPTIONAL)

Scans the currently opened process and returns a StringList object containing all the results. Don't forget to free this list when done. Byte value of higher than 255 or anything not an integer will be seen as a wildcard.

Function Parameters

Parameter Type Description
... ... Bytes to scan for seperated as arguments

Parameter Type Description
AOBString string A string of bytes, as hex, to scan for
ProtectionFlags string A string of flags used to set protection type of memory to be scanned
AlignmentType integer Used with 'AlignmentParam' to set scan alignment
AlignmentParam string A string which either holds the value the addresses must be dividable by or what the last digits of the address must be

  • protectionflags is a string:
    • Add a + to indicate that flag MUST be set and a - to indicate that that flag MUST NOT be set. (* sets it to don't care)
    • X = Executable
    • W = Writable memory
    • C = Copy On Write.


 +W-C = Writable memory exluding copy on write and doesn't care about the Executable flag
 +X-C-W = Find readonly executable memory
 +W = Finds all writable memory and don't care about copy on write or execute
 "" = Find everything (is the same as "*X*C*W" )

  • alignmenttype is an integer:
    • 0 = No alignment check
    • 1 = Address must be dividable by alignmentparam
    • 2 = Address must end with alignmentparam

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