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The "Table Extras" button on the bottom right of the cheat engine window opens the "Table Extras" window. The comments tab can be used to store extra information in your cheat tables. You can for example use it to leave notes on how you found a address, or other stuff, like your name.

This is especially handy if you will be distributing your table to someone else as you can detail here exactly how and when to enable certain hacks. Sometimes it may be necessary to time exactly when you activate a cheat, and no-one will know unless you tell them. This is ideal for that purpose.

The Lua tab can be used to execute a lua script which has been saved in the table. Lua scripts that are stored in this window can be executed automatically if the user is allowing it to be executed.

If the Comments or Lua Script window has some content, the Table Extras button is shown with bold letters.